Many people take credit for origin of pizza.
In the Last Supper Jesus broke the bread, at that time it had the form of focaccia.
The Romans prepared the “mense” kneading spelt flour with water without yeast, than they cooked it on red-hot stones.
With conquest of Egypt, the Romans imported the yeast that was added to the daugh of “mense” obtaining a product like present pizza. The word pizza should derive from “pinsa”, past participle of the latin verb pinsere , that means to crush, to break, to mince. By convention the pizza has origin in Naples the 9 June 1889, when Raffaele Esposito owner of the pizza restaurant “Pietro il pizzaiolo” cooked a pizza for King Umberto I and Queen Margherita with colours of our flag: green (basil) white (mozzarella cheese) and red (tomato).
In honour of Queen he named it “pizza margherita”.
Our pizza, thanks to our pizza maker, is a product with soft crumb, almond toffee covering, with taste and fragrance of ancient bread. For a good result what is important is the rising of the dough.
Before rising the dough must be mature. The maturation is the change of the ph. This operation happens gradually that the fermantation begins. The dough is mature when the ph is 5.5 ; whit a superior acidity should be difficult to work it. We obtain the better result doing rise slowly the dough in fridge for 48 hours.
During maturation we have a production of sours as acetic acid and lactic acid. This last gives agreable aromas.
The maturation happens very well until 26-27°C, after which it stops short. For a controlled maturation it is necessary to hold the dough in fridge about 5°C. To prepare our pizza we utilize Manitoba wheat wholemeal soybean – no OGM – that give our dough a high proteinic content.
During the dough the protein albumin and globulin dissolve in H2O forming a gelatinous substance while the gliadina and the the glutenina form the gluten. This last is an extensible substance like chewing gum. The choice soybean of past cultivar is little fragrant, in fact it improves the dough with the additionis of antioxidants.

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Specification of the dough are take out
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